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As leading chartered accountants in London, Accountant On Duty is a family run accountancy firm in London, providing all accountancy services for individuals and businesses.

Chartered Accountants in London

Qualified Chartered Accountants in London

Our team of ACCA qualified, chartered accountants in London have decades of accounting experience. Accountant On Duty was founded in 2015 by Bryan Perreira with a view to helping smaller businesses and freelancers succeed and thrive financially. With a wealth of accounting skills and expertise the team specialises in small business start up accounting and tax preparation and advice. We offer a comprehensive range of accounting services at competitive prices. Each client receives a bespoke accounting service to suit their individual financial requirements. We offer our accounting services to the self employed, small businesses and charities.

Tax Planning

Do you think that you are paying too much tax at the moment? Whilst it is rarely possible...


UK payroll services are an important function of any business with employees. Accountant On Duty...

Business Start Up

As a leading business start-up accountant, we understand the exhilaration of starting a business.


A well-prepared set of management accounts will provide you with much of the information that...


Bookkeeping is the organisation of your businesses financial records structured...

Accountant On Duty, Accounting for Small Businesses and Freelancers

When you search for an chartered accountant that is experienced in offering expert accountancy services and accounting advice, you want an accountancy firm that will protect your assests, increase your wealth and help you pay less tax. We are experienced and dedicated accountants who will help you achieve your financial objectives.

Chartered Accountants in London

Chartered Accountants in London Providing Free Financial Reviews


Assess your financial objectives and goals for your business


Discuss with you your existing financial plan and current investments


Complete tax planning and scenarios to cover all possible outcomes

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