What We Do

Our team is here to help you in setting up a system to record keeping either in excel or you agree to use some readymade accounting and bookkeeping software you keep your records in paper format. We will make it sure that your accounts will be prepared by an expert and professional person who will take care of all accounting standards

Our Vision

To be a leading accounting agency, by establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients through our quality services that will help our clients achieve better work-life success. To provide the most efficient and effective accounting services. Our productive advisors will overcome your Economical Issues with great administration

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our clients with superior accounting and related services that satisfies their needs and improves their quality of life; and to provide employees and owners with meaningful careers that include flexibility and opportunities for success – all while being a good corporate citizen.

Our Commitment

We are committed to provide you full accounting support which includes acceptance, verification, formation and processing of all primary documentation, preparation and submission of all forms of reporting. Our specialists will prepare all personnel documentation, calculate wages, taxes, contributions and other mandatory payments.

Our Purpose

Accounting for all events that may affect the financial and economic activities of the company. Its purpose is to provide the management of the enterprise with the information necessary to make adequate and effective management decisions. We will also help you to adjust the existing management accounting system to improve its efficiency.

Quality Policy

As valued customers of Accountant On Duty, we also offer to our customers to company’s house compliance, such as filing of companies house accounts, confirmation statements filing and also be responsible to update information as requested by the customers. We deliver what we promise building trust.

We can be your technology partner and can help you with all sorts of bookkeeping and accounting activities. Our specialized services are value for money and at the same time are quite affordable. We consider your needs, as we do not believe in one solution fits in all.

Teamwork and
Passion For Progress

Accountant on duty is a progressive, fast-paced, family-like organization where we work hard and have fun. We know the importance of a healthy work and life balance. Always looking at ways to better serve our clients and support our staff, our firm stays on the leading edge, embraces open communication and encourages continued personal growth and development.

Our team are central to the relationship with our clients that underpins all of the services that we provide. Building our relationship is the most important aspect of what we do and the better we know you and your business, the better advice we can give. If we know your personal and business objectives then we can keep these in mind with all of the advice we give. Our team members are ambitious, qualified, experienced and highly trained but they’re also down to earth, friendly and approachable.


We have a number of comprehensive services built on a foundation of in-depth expertise and industry knowledge, all focused on providing the services that you need, to help you grow and improve your business.


The Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) is designed to decrease perceived undeclared payments in the construction sector. The CIS attempts to tackle this by requiring ‘contractors’ to deduct tax from payments made to ‘sub-contractors’ and pass it to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC). We are proud to support end clients, recruiters and workers who engage in construction operations and have a comprehensive range of solutions to suit all needs. We also help our clients to think differently about their business, and to plan and handle it by focusing on the right things.


As a transaction tax, VAT has an impact on all businesses and industry sectors. It is the area that needs to be focused more and must be constantly monitored to ensure you that you are not paying more or less. To aid our clients in dealing with our VAT specialists provide pragmatic advice on VAT relating to business.


VAT officers can visit the businesses to inspect their VAT records and make sure they are paying or reclaiming the right amount of VAT. Therefore, businesses must ensure that all records are available and everything is managed. Our diligent team of tax fraud solicitors can assist you in any way.


As a Sole Trader you need to prepare your annual accounts in order to prepare your self-assessment tax return and maybe to secure external finance. We can give you a straightforward and clear annual accountancy service with the preparation of your Sold Trader Annual Accounts.


We are here to help everyone who is subject to taxation and needs professional advice to optimize their tax position and ensure they meet all the compliance requirements. Our Personal Income Tax calculation services provide the information and data to calculate the tax and national insurance.


As a start-up business, we understand that your priority is to generate revenue and grow your new business. This is the time to hire someone to handle your bookkeeping & accounting. Times Accounting Experts have the proficiency and ability to take your business to the next step. Once your business is operational, it’s essential to plan and tightly manage its financial performance. Creating a budgeting process is the most effective way to keep your business – and its finances on track. We suggest action points to help you manage your business’ financial position effectively.